We help Entrepreneurs & Network Marketing Professionals to Build their Business, using SOCIAL MEDIA & ATTRACTION MARKETING

Build your Network Marketing Business, without Chasing for Prospects, using Social Media

Is there a way we can use Social Media to build a Network Marketing Business, Online?

The answer to this question is “Yes”

Earlier I & my wife used to Prospect every person we come across. Because typically, when you get started, the training mantra will be “Go out and Talk to More People”

We did that for years & let me Confess, it was very frustrating. Still, we manage to achieve a little bit of success in this industry. But you would agree that it does not feel nice when someone starts avoiding you, just because you are involved in network marketing/direct sale industry.

Recently when we were dealing with this challenge, we found a group of some of the very Successful Leaders, who were no more prospecting this old-school way. They have automated this process by using something which is called Attraction Marketing. After listening to enough success stories we now have decided that we should also change our methods and copy what’s working right now. So we have also started applying Attraction Marketing to our Network Marketing Business & started building it Online


The Benefits of building Online are huge!

  • You don’t need to drive long hours, your startup costs are low, and your business works for you 24/7—without you ever having to pick up the phone!
  • The best part is that you don’t need to be “techie” or particularly good with computers to get started.
  • You can generate fresh, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you need
  • You can end rejection forever by only talking to people who   are highly interested in your offer


Of course, you need to take care of following Steps:


Step 1. Be Coachable

First, you must get comfortable with the unknown. Basically, you need to be present and respect the journey. Know that you’re not going to learn everything you need all at once, in one fell swoop. When you go Online, you’re learning a whole new skill set. It’s almost a new profession.

Think of it… When you learn a new profession, what do you usually do?  Well, you go to school for four years.

We’re not going to have you do that, and it probably shouldn’t take four years, anyway. However, if there was a school of building a business’s online, it probably would take a few months to get through all the coursework, so be prepared for a learning curve. Don’t try to learn everything at once. Just focus on what’s in front of you. Master that, implement it, and then move on. You have to get comfortable with not knowing what’s ahead. There’s always going to be a new technology that you don’t know about, and new skills that you have to acquire. Keep that in mind and expect the unknown.

  However, you are still going to face adversity. You’re still going to hit roadblocks and get stuck. If you’re somebody that easily gives up when you encounter those types of things, then don’t even try to build your network marketing business. You have to respect the new skills you’re learning 

An important part of the equation is knowing where to go to find answers or knowing who to ask to find answers (more on this later). This is vital to your success.


Step 2. Overcome Peer-Pressure.

There are people that are not going to approve of you doing something that is different. It’s normal for people who have not built their business in this way tend to have a fear of the unknown. Building a business online is completely different than building it offline. It requires different methods and an entirely different skill set.

Building offline is something you can admire and appreciate—and I certainly do—and respect anyone that’s done it. But in today’s day and age, more and more leaders in the network marketing space are starting to accept that you can actually build on social media and use Internet marketing, and the proof is there. You see people everywhere who are successfully building online. Success Leaves Clue so you don’t need the approval of anyone else

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Step 3. Active Social Media Recruiting, which you can actually implement right away. 

  • Use your Photo properly
  • Have a Bio completed properly
  • Think of your page as a billboard
  • Talk to your friends – Stay Connected
  • Be Disciplined with your time

All you need in this Strategy is a personal account on Facebook (no website required), a Facebook fan page and some sort of process—maybe provided by your Upline or somebody in your company—on how to present your opportunity and convert prospects into either buyers or new reps.

The challenge with Active Social Media is you’re always busy…

  • You’re always posting.
  • You’re always engaging.
  • You’re always interacting with people.


Step 4. Passive Social Media Recruiting, which is about posting valuable content or information that, inspires people to reach out to you and ask you what you’re doing. I prefer to start the conversation with somebody when they’re reaching out. They are coming to you—instead of the other way around.

For this, you’re going to need a Facebook Fan Page, training and Lead Generation System, and probably a Personal Blog. The idea is for people to reach out to you by going to your website and submitting their information, which can happen 24/7 (while you’re sleeping or at the beach). By the time you get on the phone, they’re 90% sold! You only answer a few questions, and they’re ready to get started. It’s all automatic. This is how you can passively have prospects come into your business, every single day.

That’s essentially what we’re talking about with passive recruiting strategies (which are also referred to as “Attraction Marketing”)


Now, for the final piece of advice, which is… It would be very difficult for you to do everything I just described without some personal one-on-one help.

Think about it, when you started in network marketing offline, somebody showed you the next steps to take. The same is true of building your business online: You need someone to show you a step-by-step blueprint. So we take away the worry by having a mentor walk to every team member who decides to Work with us