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What To Do When Someone Do Not show up after Confirmation

When your prospects don’t show up, don’t panic, don’t get upset and above all, please don’t get weird - Just go out & spend some time with your family (as I am doing with my Daughter here)

If you are continuously experiencing a high number of prospects not showing up to your appointments, it could very well be that you’re not doing the invite properly.

While there’s no magic trick to completely avoiding people from not showing up to your business appointments, you can increase your ratios if you set up the appointments properly right from the start.

Before I share with you my process and follow up scripts, please make sure you are doing the invite properly because if you do, it will minimize the chances of this happening in the first place.

Follow Up Scripts – Give Your Prospect the Benefit of the Doubt

Okay, so life happens, people get busy and sometimes the unexpected occurs.

Something could have happened to your prospect or maybe they had an emergency they had to deal with.

You really never know if an unforeseen event has happened to them so you’ll want to be mindful and follow up with them in the most professional manner possible.

When your prospects don’t show up, don’t panic, and above all don’t get weird. You’re dealing with People

This can be hard for network marketers and entrepreneurs because they become so focused on the processes in their business that they lose sight of the fact that they’re dealing with an individual.

Always give your prospect the benefit of the doubt and assume that something has happened that prevented them from showing up to your appointment.

Here’s the process I use in my business when someone misses an appointment with me.

I typically wait 15-20 minutes from our appointment time before I call just to give them time to still reach out to me.

I’ll say something like this:

1st Message: “Hey Rajesh, Rajnish Mahajan here. We were supposed to meet at (insert time) today and I’m here for our scheduled meeting. I just want to make sure that everything is okay because you didn’t show up. Can you give me a call right back and let me know if everything is okay and if we need to re-schedule?

So, what if, after that initial call you still don’t get a callback?

I will call them back a couple of hours later. Maybe at the end of my workday.

2nd Message: “Hey Rajesh, what’s going on, Rajnish Mahajan again. I left you a message a couple hours ago and I didn’t hear back from you. I was hoping you’d call me back because I’m a little worried that something happened that prevented you from showing up for our meeting at (insert time) today.

I just want to make sure that everything is okay. Can you give me a call right back or text me and let me know if that everything is okay and if we need to re-schedule? Thanks!

The point I’m trying to get across to my prospect is that I genuinely want to make sure that everything is okay with them and that it’s alright for them to call me back and re-schedule regardless of what’s happened.

So, let’s say that you’ve left the two messages already and still no call back from your prospect. What do you do?

I move on and focus on whatever I’m doing that day and set a reminder for myself to call them back a day later.

At this point, they get my last and final message.

3rd Message: Hey Rajesh, what’s going on Rajnish Mahajan here. I left you a couple of messages yesterday regarding the appointment we had scheduled for (insert time).

I made myself available for our appointment and called you back to make sure that you were okay. First of all, I truly hope you’re okay because I didn’t hear back from you but I don’t want to feel like I’m bugging you. So, for now, this will be my last message and I’m just going to cross you off my list until I hear back from you. I truly hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon.

At this point, take a more postured position with your prospect.

Yes, you’re still genuinely concerned for them but you won’t be calling them back anymore and you’ll be leaving the ball in their court.

If they are serious they will call you back.

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