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How to Deal with Rejection in Network marketing

If you've been in this business for more than a month, and talked to a few people about it, chances are you had to deal with some rejection.

You've probably heard things like...

Not now
I'm gonna think/sleep/pray on it

Now I know, they didn't reject YOU, but they rejected your product, service, or business. And that you shouldn't take it personally.

But who are we kidding here...

When you put your heart and soul into something, and they say "NO" - no matter how you cut it, this feels friggin' personal.

It makes you sad, uncertain, and want to curl up in a fatal position in a corner.

Bottom line - rejection burns.

And the only way to escape this rejection hell is to turn it on its head.

Instead of putting yourself in a situation where they could reject you... you take back the control of the situation by turning the tables, and rejecting them.

Here's how...

First -

You need to see yourself as the one with the goodies, because you are.

You need to get crystal clear with yourself about the fact that you can help them with your products and your business.

That they have problems and YOU are the one who has a solution to help them solve it.

Next -

They need you. You don't need them.

You have to feel it and project this with every fiber of your being.

There's plenty of prospects out there. But there's only ONE of you.

Finally -

You need a marketing game plan to promote your business in a way where they come to you.

Can you imagine waltzing into a doctor's office and with a smirk on your face saying...

"Hey I'm not interested in what you have here."

They might take you away in a straight jacket.

Because when we go to see a professional, they are the ones with authority. And we listen.

And the best way develop this type of authority with your prospects is to have them reach out to you.

Not the other way around.

When you do all the above, you literally turn rejection on its head.

You'll be the one in position to decide who you want to work with and who too enrol into your business.

Now the first two steps above are something you have to work out in your own head.


You CAN build a wildly successful business, a great income, and create all kinds of freedom in your life... and never deal with rejection again. Ever.

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