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How Personal Branding Can Help You Enroll New Team Members…Even If You’re New In Your Business

How Personal Branding Can Help You Enroll New Team Members…Even If You’re New In Your Business

Personal branding to help you create a solid online business is a really popular subject these days. And for good reason.

It’s one of the best ways to generate a never-ending stream of leads and sales for your products, service or business.


It’s also an awesome alternative to doing old-school methods like hounding your inner circle people or Prospecting by going shopping etc etc. malls

Rather a Personal branding can attract people to you instead of you chasing them.

There are many reasons why you need to brand yourself online, but I’ll be sharing the TOP 2 reasons that you should be building a YOU INC. business.

Reason # 1 - Companies come and go but YOU are forever

I’m not implying that you’re immortal, but you get my drift. I’ve been in business for many years and in that time, I’ve seen so many companies and product lines come and go. If the business or product line you promote, aren’t created or owned by you, then you’ll want to ask yourself this:

“What would happen to my business if my company or product line was to make drastic changes affecting my income or simply go out of business

If you’re branding your company or your products instead of YOU, you’ll be out of business too…

And that’s no fun.

That’s why it’s important to brand you and not brand a product company or service.

Reason #2 - People won’t join or buy from you if…

They don’t know, like and trust you. Let’s face it. People don’t join companies or opportunities, they join YOU. And we certainly don’t buy or want to do business with companies or people we don’t like or trust.

So, if you build up YOUR personal brand as the leader that can help them, then they will be more likely to join you and want to become a loyal follower or customer.

But if your brand new in business or you’re not the online expert yet…you’re probably thinking:

‘Who the heck is going to listen to me?

How and where do I start?

Who’s going to listen to me when I’m not even an expert?

What do I talk about?

Lot of people get stuck, because of some of these reasons

Well, everyone has to start somewhere right?

You’ll want to start where you’re at and learn to take the focus away from what you know or don’t know and instead focus on the problems and struggles of your target audience and how you can serve them.

You don’t even need to create the solutions yourself right awayYou can always point them in the right direction and to the right resource. If you’re perceived as someone who can help people achieve their goals or solve a problem in their life, you’ll attract a following and grow your business fast even if you’re brand .new.

How to become a wealth of resources and knowledge without being the expert? Refer the book :

A Brand Called You (Book)

This is one of my favorite books on learning about the importance of Branding yourself so you can create a life and business that you love…with leverage! This book is very powerful and amazing and I’m happy to share it with you