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In building your Social Media Brand, if you don't have a Testimonial of your own.. that's okay

I know you feel that urgency to create your personal powerful testimonial so you can go around sharing it when you’re prospecting. But here’s why I think your own testimonial isn’t what you need right out of the gate.

When you’re prospecting someone and you’re sharing your business or products they are most likely thinking;

“Well, of course, you’re going to say all these great things about your product or business…you have a vested interest in selling that product or service”

And quite honestly…your personal testimonial isn’t what’s going to propel your business forward.

Now don’t get me wrong…

A personal testimonial when you have one is great and will serve its purpose but it’s not the foundation on which your business will grow on. If there’s already proof that your products or business has created powerful change for others then that’s all you need when you first get started.

But make sure that when you do have a testimonial of your own…you share it in the form of a story and leave out product ingredients, facts & figures as your prospects initially don’t really care about any of that.

3rd party stories are your best friend in the business

Even if you have your own amazing testimonial…you’ll want to learn how to write 3rd party stories.


Because they are POWERFUL and can help you grow your business even FASTER. Therefore still today I love sharing 3rd party stories from my teammates because they are so POWERFUL and my prospects can relate to them and it removes me from the equation which is what you want to be doing anyway.

But there’s some science behind how you want to share these 3rd party stories so you can capture your prospects attention and get them interested in what you have to say.

5 things that you’ll need in a powerful 3rd party story

  1. Who are they & how do you know each other
  2. What do they do for a living or what did they do for a living before Network Marketing
  3. What life was like before the product or business
  4. What life was like after the product or the business
  5. What you personally thought after you heard their story

You’ll want to hit all these 5 things when sharing a 3rd party story so you can create the interest of your prospect and have their full attention. These all tie in together in a way where your prospects will be able to relate to the story and get a picture in their mind of the powerful benefits of your product or business.

And here’s a great idea you might want to start.

I have what I call a story bank and it’s just a collection of powerful 3rd party stories and testimonials that I write down and keep them together.

So when I’m talking to someone on social media I just pull out my story bank and share their story with them.

I like to share other peoples story a lot more than my own because I think it’s much more relatable than my own.

Action Steps for this Blog Post  - I want you to take action on this step right away. It’s that important.

  • Write down all the reason why you said yes to starting your business. This could be the situation you were when you started this Business.
  • Start collecting 3rd Party Stories of the people around you
  • Also, include who you’re working with and what motivated you to want to work with them.
  • You’ll want to know exactly how to articulate these 3rd party stories so you’re prospects are engaged and interested in what you’re sharing.
  • Quickly get some Success in offline and create your Brand Online using that Success. Start sharing those Stories on Social Media (it could be small or big doesn’t really matter)
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