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We have now taken a Mission to share some of that knowledge and help Home Business Owners & Network Marketing Professionals to use Effective Social Media Strategies to become Super Cool Entrepreneurs.If you are seeking some Opportunities in the above industries, you definitely must consider learning about How to Utilize Social Media, to excel in your Industry.

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We both belong to middle-class family backgrounds. Studying and doing a job is the main thing in our Families. Therefore after finishing our Studies, we took to job careers in our relevant fields. We lived in Rented Accommodations & didn’t even have a vehicle to commute. To be honest we were very happy in our Jobs. Not because we were highly paid but we had no big Dreams & Goals in our life, a few years back. After getting married we realized that even though both of us are working extended hours, we still were not able to save any money for future. In fact, we have to get help from for Relatives when we bought a new Home at Ludhiana & that too on EMI. We still had no Car, No Vacations. Just go to Work and pay Bills. Soon after that, we realized that we need to supplement our Incomes. I started expanding my Investment Advisory Consultancy & she Started taking up some Interior Designing Projects, after her Office. We still were not moving ahead.

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We want to help Direct Sales Professionals, to reach their full potential, by using Social Media & Attraction Marketing.

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Our Core Values are Building People with Strong & Long Term Relationships.

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